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Cybersecurity Fundamentals


About This Course

MxD knows that cybersecurity is critical to manufacturers today and is proud to partner with the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus to provide Cybersecurity Fundamentals. In this course, students will expand on their existing knowledge of how information systems communicate and exchange data. Cybersecurity Fundamentals complements any networking and operating system foundations and paves the way for more advanced topics in manufacturing cybersecurity systems operation. It will help prepare students for follow-on roles that contribute to the achievement of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of production/processing controls and communications that protect assets. 

The course modules will align with many of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework key role responsibilities for those charged with the identification of information system assets, their configurations, and proper cybersecurity architectures. Following the same framework, students will be postured to better protect those information systems by understanding vulnerabilities and threats, monitoring preventative and detective controls, and recognizing supply chain risks. In the event of an incident, students will be able to respond, provide initial analysis, and assist in the containment, eradication, and recovery of information technology/operational technology environment. 


Students taking this course must have a working knowledge of TCP/IP networking fundamentals or at least a year of IT equivalent experience. This previous experience can be in general systems administration. Previous production, technical support or general business experience is preferred. 

This course is suitable for those with: 

  • Interest in continued development of IT and OT integration and modernized operations.
  • Fundamental knowledge of production/processing activities and industrial controls and communications.
  • Foundational knowledge of TCP/IP networking fundamentals.

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